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Hello bdhawk, I have seen almost all of Galco's IWB holsters and the only IWB they have that is anything similar is the N3, which I actually tried to order a while back and they were not manufacturing them at the time. What I mean is that I have no reference to imagine what your holster is like, so I really can't speak to how it might compare to the IHL holster.

I can theorize as to potential reasons why you may be having the tilting in either direction problem. The 1st thing that comes to mind is the actual position on your belt, again, this kind of holster is designed to fit into a very small window on your strong side between your 3 and 6 o' clock position, usually closer to the 3 o' clock position. If worn to close to the center of your back the holster may not have enough friction to stay put, no matter how tight your belt is.

The tightness and quality of your belt used with this kind of holster also plays a huge roll in how solid and held in place it will be. If you use a cheap department store belt or dont wear your belt tight enough or some combination of the two, your holster will naturally have some play.

The width of the belt strap also has something to do with the stability. The IHL holster reviewed here has a pretty wide belt strap with 2 really solid snaps. Looking at the galco N3, which uses a very similar design, I notice the belt strap is a little thin.

Finally I think the type of firearm carried plays a huge roll in how much it will tend to tilt from one side to the other. Looking at your standard 1911 package and comparing it with any of the glock style synthetics, you can see some huge differences in weight and the location of this weight. My IHL - Praetorian is made specifically for my SA-XD 40 4 inch. This is a full size gun chambered in a medium sized round with a high cap magazine design, so the loaded grip of this gun may be much heavier than the loaded grip of a single stack 1911. This added weight to the grip area would make a holster want to tilt to the grip side if the support wasn't placed properly, however, a lighter grip in a holster like the Praetorian might want to tilt the opposite direction. If this is the case, then this might not be the best holster design for that kind of weapon, who knows.

In closing, let us also make the comparison of Galco to IHL. Galco is a holster manufacturer, IHL is a custom holster builder. The quality you get from Galco, while consistent, is not the same level of quality you will find at IHL or most other custom holster companies.

So while I am sorry the galco holster you have tilts, I do not feel that your situation carries any weight in the review of this fine IHL product.

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