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i just dug it out of the holster box. the holster i referred to was purchased in '93. just before my CCW went in effect. it was my first CCW holster. i carried it just behind the hipbone at 'bout 3:30 to 4:00 using a 3/4" heavy leather belt. i do not remember the brand of the belt, but it was manufactured to be a handgun belt.

the holster is embossed.....

NSA 224

it was purchased for and made specifically for a G22. it was galco's version of the then popular ARG or ayoob rear guard by mich rosen. it has a loop, about 1 1/4" wide secured with chicago screws.

and yes, the handgun grip was usually in the wrong place. it was usually tilted too far back, making it difficult to grab it properly. i even tried to sew another belt loop on the front, trying to remedy the problem. no joy.

if anyone wants to buy the IHL holster, or any other holster, knock yourselves out. i was just trying to tell folks that i had, and they may have, issues with the particular design referred to by the OP.

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