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The additional information about the specific holster, what was lacking with it, and the general design it was based on made your information much more relevant to this review, thanks for the extra info.

I have seen the original Mich Rosen design and many, MANY, copies. I would assume that if the angle is not perfect for the specific firearm carried, then tilting would be unavoidable.

While I am not saying the IHL - Praetorian is immune to this issue with every possible firearm, I am saying, that in my specific case, it is a non-issue. Like I previously mentioned, if your firearm is heavier or lighter in certain ways, you just simply need to find the holster that works best for that design. For the SA XD 40 4inch model, this holster design seems to work very well.

As a closing note, please understand that I am, in no way, advertising for this company, if they had crappy CS or bad products, you would have read about just that, this is simply a single "personal" review about my specific experience. I am not affiliated in any way with this company other than being a happy customer.

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