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Originally Posted by _The_Shadow View Post
Meathead9, those primers don't look that bad, where these the ones you chrono'ed above? Those velocities are looking good from that LWD long tube. The 5" barrel for my S&W just doesn't get the velocities up there...may have to find me a G-20 to complement the G-29.

How was the extraction with the Long Shot loads...did they fly very far compared to the 10mm loads?

Man, I can't wait till this rain is gone and the weather starts to cool off.

Yeah those are the cases from the 12.5gr Longshot/CCI350 load that chrono'd over 2000fps. I left in the 22# spring that I use for my 10mm loads, and the brass literally drops at my feet. Every round has cycled perfectly, so is there any reason I should go to a lighter spring? I have the Wolff Calibration kit (17/19/20/22#) so I have a couple options I can try out.
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