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Tritium vs. Tritium Fiber-optic (TFO) for carry gun

Hey Mas,

The MAG40 class last weekend was great. I learned a ton, and it left me with a lot to think about. In about 7 hours we're heading out to the range. Not to practice, but to "train".

Before my M&P 40c malfunctioned and went back in the range bag on Monday (it's back at S&W now), I realized that I wasn't able to get a good crush grip with my CT laser grip on it. That CT is thicker than the medium insert, and the reality is that I probably should be using the small, in order to get the solid grip needed for good recoil control.

So, I think I am going to retire the CT laser. Since the laser is going, I figured I should put some night sights on. My question is whether you've spent any time with the Truglo TFO sights (not sure if anyone else if making combo FO and tritium sights)? I like fiber optics in the daytime, so it seems like a good combination, in theory. Any thoughts on that?

If not the TFO sights, what would you recommend for my M&P 40c and M&P 45c guns? Big dot? Advantage? Standard tritium?

I love the fiber optic front and blacked out rear on my M&P Pro 9, but am not sure that's a good arrangement for a carry gun.

Anyway, I'm open to suggestions.

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