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Sig P220 Impressions

Last week I bought a used 1998 P220, shot it for the first time today. It has the Hogue wraparound grip with really soaks up recoil. It was flawless using the factory mag, but when I used 10-round Pro-mags that came with it it jammed a lot. Doing an internet search I find the Pro-mags are pretty worthless.

Since I don't know anything about the gun would it be a good idea to change the recoil spring or should I leave well enough alone?

Anyone have opinions about using aluminum jacket ammo in this pistol? (I don't reload.)

For the range I still like my 1911 better, but for a $450 car/travel gun you can't beat it. I looked at a cheaper Ruger P97 also but it had some trigger creep and slide play, unlike the Sig.
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