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Originally Posted by Cobra64 View Post
If it's not a CPO, and you are not comfortable servicing your own pistols, SiG has this service package:


Detailed stripping and complete and thorough ultrasonic cleaning of the entire pistol. Professional safety inspection of critical components by factory
certified personnel. Replacement of springs prone to wear ( trigger bar spring, slide catch lever spring, recoil spring) and any needed small parts.
Then lubrication to factory standards, reassembly and function testing. ALSO INCLUDES THE FACTORY INSTALLATION OF SIGLITE NIGHT

As for "aluminum jacket" ammo...

Perhaps you are confusing that with Blazer "aluminum case" ammo?
Yes, I meant aluminum case ammo. Anyone use it in a P220.

Didn't know about the Sig service package. Seems like a deal, especially since my nitesights are pretty dim.
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