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No you won't. I'm a Sig fan. I own 4 of them. The 239 is the only Sig I dislike...a lot. In fact, I haven't held an automatic pistol I dislike more than a 239. Hold one and shoot one. You either love it or hate it.

BTW, I owned a 239/9 for a couple years. Never got used to it. The backstrap is too close to the trigger for some people, like me. So when pulling the trigger it takes a good bit of effort to get that last .001" of travel to send the hammer forward. I put Hogue grips on it, which felt great and fixed the problem, but the grips were so tacky they'd sometimes hang on loose clothing. Then I replaced those with a set of super expensive Nils Grips. Felt great but this was a carry pistol, which means it got banged around a bit. Made me crazy banging those grips. So I traded the thing for a 228 and couldn't be happier.

I've fired a G26 at the range and liked it. Owned a 239 and hated it. Don't buy a gun you gotta "fix". A lotta guys put Hogues and Nils on a 239 and I think it's because they're trying to "fix" an issue they have with the grip.

Try it before you buy it. Dry fire it and make sure you can pull that trigger all the way back without any trouble. Who knows? It may fit your hand perfectly.
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