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Originally Posted by KImbershooter View Post
Finally had a chance to get the chrono out. I loaded up 10 - 200 gr. WFNGC that I purchased from DT. I am loading 10.5 gr. of Blue Dot in new Starline brass using CCI 350 primers. With the 200 gr. seated to 1.250" OAL I am averaging 1230 fps out of the LWD stock length barrel in my M20 Glock. I am thinking that this is about all I can safely expect velocity wise. I do not want to push it to the max. The primers look good. Do I need to bump it up a little or am I there. This is my walking in the backcountry pistol, not a target gun.

Hey KS, seems like all day I keep sharing this same data. ha.
I been loading the G20 with stock barrel and 6" barrel with Cast Performance Hard Cast bullets (same thing as DT's) 200gr WFNGC and 10.5/10.7grs of BD ( a tad more but I won't give that info to personally cover my six)
COAL 1.260. I am getting tremendous accuracy even at 100 yds.

I like, (or the gun likes) this particular loading. It is a good deer killer even at 100yds as well.

Bottom line. Even in the "stock barrel" G20, I have been loading the 200gr WFNGC with 10.7grs BD for a looong time no problems at all and as I said great accuracy 1.260. The LW barrel should do even better with the accuracy department. I have NEVER once ever seen a bad sign from 10.7grs BD in that stock barrel. If your going to woods walk and use this combo, and especially with the AM barrel, I would not for a moment be worried about 10.5grs BD.

1230fps with the 200gr hard cast is nothing to sneeze at amigo. If the gun likes it, and you like it, and it is reliable and accurate in your gun, and NO bad signs, I would feel good with it, and do !


Stay safe.

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