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Originally Posted by Meathead9 View Post
I worked up to 10.5gr BD with DT 200gr WFNGC's & CCI300's, and I got an 1180fps average out of my 6" LWD barrel. I have also been doing load development with Longshot, Steel and 800X. Longshot/CCI350 has been the best for me so far, but I haven't gotten to chrono my heavy Steel or 800X loads yet. Maybe I'll revisit BD with CCI350's if I'm not happy with Steel or 800X.
I'm shocked that 10.5 grains of blue dot only yields 1180, especially considering its from the long 6 inch barrel. I don't have a chronie, but from my seat of the pants test (kick, muzzle blast, report) my load of 10 grains of blue dot with the 200 gr. is at least as much if not more then the double tap factory 10mm loads
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