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UOC California

I have only had my Sig 226 for about 1 1/2 months now and I live in southern California. We all know that California is probably one of the least gun friendly states of them all. I have been "easing" into OCing and haven't really gone too far from my house. I was out walking my dog one night and passed a couple of 20-somethings tossing a football in the street and one said, "nice gat!" and then pointed it out to his friend. That has been the only interaction that I've experienced thus far. California restricts OCing to at least 1000' from any K-12 school and there are tons around where I live. If I pass through a school zone, the gun must be in a locked box or the trunk of a car. California makes it as difficult as possible to OC. I would apply for my CCW, but that is nearly impossible to get unless you have a threat against your life or you have some other extenuating circumstance.
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