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Originally Posted by cadillacguns View Post
I have a used one in my car a G-22, 3 mags fixed sights loaded w/ hollowpoints and a NIB G-27 2 mags, fixed sights in my safe, I was born and raised in Detroit, family friend was a Detroit cop of the revolver era, my two are nothing collectable, but worth more to me than Mayor for life Colman Young's coulda been, my G-22 was carried by an anonymous brave man or woman on the force. Still owning DPD # 1 would be an assest to anyones collection. I am looking for any of the DPD marked G-22 mags and 1 more LEO Only marked G-27 mag.
No offense, but id rather have a street cops gun then youngs anyday....
RIP K9 Fant, K9 Flambo. Loyal ,trusted partners.

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