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I just picked up my new Gen3 G23. Sweet shooter. I also got the LWD 40-9mm conversion and 357 Sig barrels. It shoot 115gr. 9mm and the 357 with absolutely no problems. I adjusted my grip a little from a Weaver to a Stevens(?) and it made getting back on target a lot faster.

Also, I found that advice that the 180g 40 recoil is a little softer than the 165 is true. That's the weight I've decided on for SD.

I've been carrying it for three weeks at 2:00 and it doesn't feel as obtrusive as I thought it might. That's where I carried my G26 for the last three years.

Don't flame me for the Gen3 that I had to order to get. I know the Gen4 is getting great marks but I'm conservative and want a gun with an established reputation. And I have a box of G26 parts that will fit.

Anyhow, it's great. I'm glad to be part of the club now.

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