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I've been open carrying off-and-on since the early 1980's. Concealed carry wasn't even a consideration here in Az 'till the mid-1990's.

I tried concealed carry for a while, and still do conceal in some places, but mostly I open carry.

Honestly, I see no reactional difference in others no matter how I carry. Few if any even seem to notice.

I usually wear blue jeans, a western shirt, and a straw or felt stetson (see my avatar). For the last few months, I've mostly been carrying a G23 in a paddle type leather holster just behind my strong side hip. Before that, I carried a J-frame the same way, and before that it was a G27. I've also carried a S&W 686, Ruger GP-100, Blackhawk, Vaquero, or Single Six, and for a couple of years a Star Firestar in .40 S&W.

Seriously, I don't completely understand what all the concern is about. If a person is armed, then they're armed. Any danger they may or may not present should not be determined by whether one can see the gun or not. In fact, I usually figure an OC'er is legal, since a prohibited possessor would hide it.

I've open carried since I was in my mid-teen's, and I'm 44 years old. I've OC's at grocery stores, gas stations, hardware stores, on public streets, while riding a motorcycle, in the hills, in my yard, in my house, in restaurants, and about anywhere else one can imagine.

I've never, not even once had an LEO question me about it unless there was some other reason for the encounter. In that case, they usually (not always) ask to remove the firearm until the enounter is finished. That said, I haven't been stopped for a traffic violation in 15+ years, so encounters are very few other then friends/relatives who are LEO's. The last LEO I remember asking me about it was just after the LA Riots in the 1990's. An Az DPS officer stopped me for not having a mirror on the passenger side of my truck, and said it was required with tinted windows. He'd just moved to Arizona from LA, and had been involved in the riots from what I've heard of him. He set the pistol on the roof of my vehicle until he finished writing a repair order, and then handed it back.

Open carry isn't the great bru-ha-ha some would make it out to be, IMO. After all these years, it's not something I do to make a statement, and I'm not trying to get noticed. It's simply a matter of comfort and carry options.

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