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I grew up with a father that took me hunting and shooting, so guns have always been a part of my life.

Back in '04, after leaving an afternoon shift at the local auto plant, I was traveling the speed limit and had a vehicle riding close enough to my rear bumper that I could see the 4 teenagers inside with some resonable detail. I tried the "brake check" technique to get them to back off, but instead they followed me to my residential street. Instead of stopping at my home, I drive to the corner gas station. I tried to enter the station to call the police, but the 4 "boys" got out of their vehicle and the gas station clerk decided to lock me outside with them.

Now, I'm a relatively large guy, and I have plenty of martial arts training, but it did little good against 4 drunken teenagers. I was able to get plate # and descriptions of the 4, and they all paid for that night with some jail time, but it took me 12 weeks to fully recover from the incident. This was the point where I finally decided that I was going to get my CPL.

The event that SEALED the deal was when my wife announced a few months later that she was pregnant. I now had a MUCH more important reason to be sure that I was able to protect both myself, AND my family!!!

I now work in a profession that requires that I carry a sidearm, and train fairly regularly so that I am now much more comfortable with my weapons. I look forward to living to a ripe old age, and never having to fire my weapon for any reason other than target practice. However, I am confident that if anyone chooses to interfere with my plan, I will be able to react accordingly.

I was once asked the question, "Why do you need to carry a gun?"

My response was, "Love!! I love my family, I love my life, and I love my God!! It's my responsibility to protect the first, my desire to protect the second, and I'm in NO HURRY to meet the last!!" ~~ 'Nuff said!!!!!

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