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Originally Posted by revel8 View Post
why two?
Well, I have the first one - and I REALLY, REALLY like it with my EOtech and other stuff. I've had it 4 years now.

But, after my recent foray into owning an MSAR, I see that I like the platform of the PS90 the best, and I like the 1000% reliability of the PS90 platform better. I also wanted a battery free carbine.

That was to be the MSAR I got in Dec 2009, but the stock sight was too low to decently use. And once I put a rail and an Eotech on it, it wasn't battery free anymore.

Plus, while the MSAR was very reliable - it wasn't 100%+. And, when an issue arose, sometimes ya had to pull the whole barrel out to clear the problem - you can be out for 5 min trying to clear it up. I prefer the PS90 reliability, and the PS90 is also 10,000 times easier to clean.

So, I sold the MSAR and got a 2nd PS90

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