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Originally Posted by dwalker84 View Post
About 25 minutes ago I was in the laundry room at my apartment, and a guy walks in and puts his basket down. I could see him staring at me through the corner of my eye. After about a minute he says in a very feminine voice "Hey I like that rig, what kinda gun is that sweetie?" and then "I just got my CCW last week in the mail, I didn't know you could carry all out-in-the-open like that, but I'll carry 'in the closet' until I get used to it." He pulled up his shirt to show me a fullsize 1911 in an IWB. I was actually shocked that such a feminine guy was carrying such a "manly" pistol. I was so hoping he wasn't going to flash me or something, really relieved it was a firearm... ;x
Great post...
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