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Originally Posted by Warp View Post
The strange looks were probably people wondering why you open carried such a small pistol. Doesn't it just look funny?

I used to do it with a G26 but quickly swithed to an A&G grip extension with a G17 mag.
No one has said it looks funny, and I don't think it does. I do have a Glock factory +2 extension on the mag so I can get my pinky on the grip, and of course for the extra rounds. The G26 is my preferred carry gun. If I'm wearing an overshirt, it's CC. If I'm not, it's OC. I'd agree that OC'ing an LCP or something that size would be odd, though.

OC'd again today, same setup, G26/Blackhawk Serpa. If the clerk at the convenience store noticed or cared, he didn't mention it. The bum outside didn't ask me for change, but had asked the two people who walked by ahead of me. I continued on to my woodlot to drop off some building materials for the cabin and ran into my neighbor who was tending the cattle he runs on my property. He was OC'ing too.

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