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Yep, "upgrading" to rifle primers can increase your pressures up to 5000psi with the same load. That's hot enough to go well into the danger area (no safety margin left), so not a good idea. If you develop the load from below the manual's starting load and watch your pressure signs smartly, there's no reason you can't develop a load with them, but don't expect to magically get more pressure out of the round.

In other words, the 10mm can easily get to it's max pressure with pistol primers, and going over that pressure with a hotter primer will violate the laws of internal ballistics just as much as seating the bullet deeper or using more powder.

I see it as something that can be done in a survival situation when LR primers can be found but no LPs...

And, I tried (back when I was younger and not as informed) LR primers in the 10mm, and got no real added benefit from them.
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