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Originally Posted by one eye joe View Post
A VERY interesting thread, indeed. Thanks for your time and effort. As a shooter of handguns in combat, competition, hunting, self defense, and just plinking over the past 50+ years, I must say that the 9mm is my LEAST favorite caliber for any of the aforementioned purposes. Obviously you are knowledgeable, so I'm wondering what prompts you to make the statement that the 9mm is your favorite ''range caliber'' (whatever that implies). I'm a 45ACP lover, and have carried a Colt 1911 almost daily since 1968. I realize you collect 1911s and didn't test any, but that sheds no light on your statement, and just adds to my curiosity.......
Joe, I honestly just like the way the 9mm handles. I also love all the cool pistols chambered for it.

The thread wasn't about 1911s, but I did add a couple later on at some member's request.

They're in post #70.
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