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Re: This should do it.

Originally posted by SandyGlock
Have your wife read about what the Carr brothers did in this nice neighborhood . If that doesn't convince her. Nothing will.
Originally posted by BikerGoddess
If she likes to read, you could leave books such as "In Broad Daylight" lying around It's a true crime book about a prominent family in Kansas in the '50s who are all murdered in their home in the middle of the day. Even in quiet small towns, bad things can happen.
I grew up and went to college in Wichita, Kansas where the Carr brothers had their crime spree. It's a nice place, really. My wife is from Wisconsin, but she has visited Wichita with me to visit relatives.

BikerGoddess--My wife does like to read, so maybe I can try the book. If it has entertainment value for her, she may get the message without feeling like she's reading a pro-gun political flyer.

SandyGlock--I liked the Gun Facts. She won't read the whole thing, but if I carefully select a myth or two from the 'children and guns' section, that might work. Generally, she's always been very skeptical of these types of products because of the obvious bias of the authors. Even so, a logical argument can sometimes still ring true. (Although were strong emotions are concerned....)

CarolinaJen--When I read your post, every statement struck a chord with me as being a postive and appropriate step in our case. I plan to print it out and carry it in my wallet to re-read from time to time as she progresses in willingness.

As for training, I did have her fill out a questionaire from (largely for comedy relief), but I did notice that she wanted her children to learn about fireams from a qualified instructor rather than a parent. Perhaps she also would prefer to learn from someone besides me. I'm going to look into female-friendly classes. I know our range has some NRA-certified instructors....

Thanks again to all. Please keep any more ideas coming.
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