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Originally Posted by HAMMERHEAD View Post
I think the variety of USP's will dwindle down to a few like the Expert, Tactical and maybe the USPf. Caliber choices will probably drop to .45acp only eventually.

I'm hoping to pick up a USP Expert in .45acp this weekend before they disappear.
What leads you to speculate this?

If anything I would think HK would stop importing the more specialized models (Elite and Expert) before they would scrap the USP and USPc.

The only pistol HK has "discontinued" recently has been the Mk23, and with HK "discontinued" usually only means "made in limited runs".

Originally Posted by rsxr22 View Post
i agree with hammerhead. They are still a good gun, but have been surpassed by better options in just about every category imo
How so?

You'd be hard pressed to find a more reliable pistol or better out of the box host pistol for a suppressor.
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