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Originally Posted by H&K 4 LIFE View Post
What leads you to speculate this?

If anything I would think HK would stop importing the more specialized models (Elite and Expert) before they would scrap the USP and USPc.

The only pistol HK has "discontinued" recently has been the Mk23, and with HK "discontinued" usually only means "made in limited runs".

How so?

You'd be hard pressed to find a more reliable pistol or better out of the box host pistol for a suppressor.
I cannot comment on the suppressor comment because i have no experience besides shooting a suppressed usp45 a few times. What makes them a better setup then say the FN TAC, SW M&P Spec Ops, or even a Glock with threaded barrel?

I feel that they have been surpassed by the p30, hk45, and p2000 series because they are of equal reliability and accuracy, but the ergos on the previously named pistols blow the usp out of the water, obviously this is just my opinion, but i dont see how anyone could disagree especially with the newer models having replaceable backstraps and side panels
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