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Originally Posted by rsxr22 View Post
What would your reasoning for this be?...
In my experience, the USP has a noticeably shorter reset then the P-Series pistols. This applies to both DA/SA variants as well as LEM. I have a good deal of appreciation for the P30 in V3, but the USP's SA reset is still shorter.

Match triggers are also available for the USP, however they are not available for any of the P-Series.

I prefer the external control lever of the USP and it's easily obtained and user installed detent plates to customize it's function. In addition, the USP has the ability to retain or discard the control lever as a manual safety when using LEM. Compared to the P2000/SK which cannot do any of this.

As I said, I own/shoot many HK pistols and they are all excellent. Overall I personally just prefer the USP.
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