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Originally Posted by BORELLAR View Post
I have a question about my HK I just bought used. I bought a HK USP compact .40 S&W and it seems to have a little bit of wear on the inside of the frame. The rails on it seem to have a little wear where the plastic and the metal connect with each other. It seems like the rails were meant to be all plastic but the plastic pealed off and now there is just metal there. Anyone know if this is normal? It doesnt seem to have affected the cycling of the slide, but I jst want to know if anyone else has seen anything that looks like that. I will post pics if nobody knows what I am talking about. Its kinda underneath the locking block on the frame, and on the rails. Basically anywhere there is metal coated with plastic on the rails that go in the grooves of the slide, the plastic looks to have came off and just show metal. Any help would be great. I am completely new to HK
100% normal. Excess flashing that will wear off naturally. Carry on.
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