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Originally Posted by Fireman1291 View Post
Very cool, welcome to the club. Hold on, its gonna be a wild ride. I started in early 2009 and now have 8 suppressors and a AOW. Im leaning towards SBRing one of my AR's and then doing a build like yours and ill be done for awhile.........i think. lol

Did you have to do anything for your conversion to work or just buy the AT-94 K version and slap on the K grip and PDW stock, register and bingo????
Well, I bought the K grip and a Choate side folding stock. When I went to put them on, the stock wouldn't go on very well and the K grip didn't go on as easily as I would have liked. After a few hours of very careful sanding with a Dremmel tool on the grip and on the stock, I got them to fit like a glove.

I've already got a YHM Mite .22 suppressor on order, and I've got an AR lower that I'm going to register and build an 11.5" 5.56mm rifle. I would really love to find the MKE AT-94P and build an MP5A3 SBR. Oh well, just another thing to look forward to I guess.
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