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Originally Posted by SilverCity View Post
Pay attention, Dennis.

Don't believe the markets are rigged by our own government?

Executive Order 12631 signed by Ronald Reagan in 1988. The "President's Working Group On Financial Markets". We know them as the "Plunge Protection Team". Guess who is on that team: The Secretary of the Treasury, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, The Chairman of the Security and Exchange Commission, and the Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

And what do you think it is they do?

In this crucial upcoming election, TPTB can see the writing on the wall and I bet they are pulling out all the stops to keep this market least until after the elections.

You used a chart that election Years outperform average years since 1900 as proof that the "Plunge Protection Team" started by President Reagan's Executive Order in 1988 manipulates markets?

Can I give you a hint? 1988 was the last year of Reagan's second term. Even if he could have maipulated markets with his working group he couldn't run for a third term... So what was his motive?
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