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Originally Posted by emt1581 View Post
Tell me about it! I wanted to buy Silver when it was just over $10. My broker told me it was a bad idea. I'm just glad I went against what he said and bought when it was at $16-$18! It's not like I'm going to retire on the money I made...but at least if/when our USD becomes worthless, I'll have enough to buy some stuff.

Something I realized today. I've seen people over on a silver forum getting all tickled pink that their silver is shooting up in price. And I suppose if you have a few hundred pounds of it you can live quite comfortably. But the more USD's an ounce costs, the less the USD is worth. The value of PM's pretty much remain constant. But in the grand scheme of things, screw the few extra bucks silver holders are making, I'm thinking things are about to get UGLY!

Assuming you are buying stuff with silver.

Wheat - not going up in price.

TV's - not going up in price.

Automobiles - not going up in price.

If there was this crazy "inflation" thing going on, then you'd be all set.
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