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Originally Posted by emt1581 View Post
When it hits $30 that's probably an indication you want to HOLD it...not dump it.

As I said before, once it gets higher and higher in relation to the dollar, that's not a good thing. I means were are about to be or are already in some serious s***.


I have checked e-bay gold, and silver, prices at least daily for many years. Today silver sold a few times for $30 per ounce, and the 20 Franc Swiss Gold Coins were going for $290. Crazy prices but there is only about 20% of the sellers there usually is. Looks like those that have it are sitting tight, and those that want it will pay a premium.

Silver is being sold for 20%+ over spot, and gold at $1371, todays close, is getting close to those numbers.

Looks like a LOT of people are scared to death of Obama's "CHANGE" and are heading to the lifeboats.
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