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Originally Posted by JK-linux View Post
So, the idea is to use silver as money to buy things in a SHTF scenario?
And, if there is a huge crisis and the banks slam the doors closed (ie: you can't get into the building) how do you get your silver out of the safety deposit box?
If things are so dire that currency has broken down completely, who would be willing to take silver -vs- gasoline or wheat or whatever as payment?
If things broke down to where currency didn't work anymore, how would silver trade in exchange for goods work? Someone would have to want your silver it to use for something else for it to be of value, and it would have to hold value in your particular area... correct?
You can cash in the silver at some point, but based on the above comments it would just be getting cashed in on worthless paper currency or notes.
I'm confused by the whole concept. I realize in history these things had value, but I'm not seeing how that translates into value in the future framed against a breakup of society, law and order.
I'll be honest, up until about a month or two ago, I was confused as well...and I figured usable/consumable goods would be far more desired than PM's. But really, PM's have been an agreed upon hold of value for thousands of years. So yes, I believe they will be a good currency compared to paper which just symbolizes value.

What still confuses me is how someone will establish an agreed upon value of the PM. The typical response is "supply and demand". But someone who's in a jam and about to die without water might pay 20oz. of gold for one bottle of that even remotely a fair deal? Wouldn't the person about to die be better off just plugging the guy over charging? And wouldn't the gouger deserve what he gets? These are questions and suggestions that are often frowned upon and scoffed at by a lot of PM holders...but no one can really offer an intelligent solution around gouging.

But aside from the gouging issue PM's really are an intelligent way to do business. Think about's an element. No exchange rates, no currencies to worry about losing/gaining "value", etc. It's universal.

Think about life now money all you need? Hell no!! You need food/water, shelter, some money, guns/ammo, medical supplies,'ll need the exact same supplies should the SHTF.

Back to your view of the future let me ask this. If something has had value for thousands of years, is valuable now, why would it be worthless in the future?

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