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Originally Posted by VBG23 View Post
Is this a serious question given the current midterms? If the markets tank during an election year, whatever party is in power has a tendency to lose. It isn't Reagan or Carter or Obama or Bush, it is the Democratic party or the Republican party and whichever party the buisness world thinks will be beneficial.

A rising market is not a guaranteed win, but a sinking market is a huge weight around the neck of whatever political party lays claim to the guy in office.
OK then...well I guess they Democrats really screwed the pooch this go-round because they really haven't done very well in terms of manipulating the markets.

I mean seriously? If they can do it...why not do it all the time? Why not create perpetual prosperity? Why would any political party in power EVER let something like a Recession, Market down turn, Depression EVER happen? People would gladly vote in a party that could produce perpetual prosperity. So if they control the markets it begs the question...

Exactly HOW does the government prop up the stock market? Where do all these buy orders come from? Who holds the stock? After all major shareholders in public corporations are public record?
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