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Originally Posted by emt1581 View Post
Well yeah, but that's cutting to the chase. He threw out the whole idea of things being written on paper...

1933 was a whole different ballgame. Gold was actually money ($20 Eagle) and the bankers could not inflate the money supply as long as the dollar was tied to something in limited supply. Much cheaper to cut the dollar loose...

BTW, few actually complied then, and I am sure Americans would never comply today.Very few (maybe 1-2%) hold bullion inside the country. Most hold it in paper form with the GLD or SLV.

The goonies are WAY more interested in approximately 3-5 TRILLION dollars currently held in IRA, 401Ks, and pension funds. In fact, we will probably see legislation enacted this year or next to confiscate ALL of the money and force people to take "govt. guaranteed" annuities in the form of U.S. treasuries in exchange. Maybe voluntary at first, then mandatory. The idea has been floated around in govt meetings for the past 2 years.

Get your money "off the grid" and out of their hands.


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