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Originally Posted by cfec2008 View Post
Can anyone tell me if the h&ks are ammo picky? and i know the models that are a little older had to use an adapter to install a light or the newer models still require that or are they standard size like glocks and sigs now?
In my experience, HK's are not the least bit ammo pickey. My USP's will even feed spent cases off the magazine. However, the use of steel cased ammo is not advised.

The USP/USPc utilizes the HK proprietary rail. This is because the USP was the first pistol to feature an accessory rail and as such when the pistol was designed no factory "standard" rail existed. The later models, such as the P2000, P30, and HK45 all have "standard" rails that will fit most regular light/laser accessories. No adapter required.
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