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Originally Posted by ron59 View Post
I will have one of those for every caliber that I load much for. If you want to experiment with a different bullet size/shape, you can write down the "setting" for your regular bullet, adjust for new bullet, and easily run to your original setting without loosening a lock ring. Done.
That is the greatest feature and one after this weekends match I will be using for sure... I found that my standard 1.135 OAL loads that I use in the Glocks don't fair too well on the STI Spartan 9mm I have. The Tripp mags tend to nosedive the bullets the first couple of rounds. I'll be loading those out further to 1.140-5 range and bumping the charge a little to compensate. Between the Redding and UniqueTek dials it will make it an easy switch back to the standard Glock loads.
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