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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
How do you like the Unitek for the powder measure? I have been eyeballing one for my 550B for ever. It gets the most caliber changes so I think it would be more beneficial. My 650 pretty much loads one or two diff 45acp loads, that's it. I wish the 550B had grease fittings.
The powder measure is a nice feature as I stated in the above post about my Spartan, my now truly justified reason why I'm glad I got it. Fred, the newer 550B's have the same zerked bolts I'm told. you might want to give Dillon a call and see it they will send you a couple.
Oh if you get the UniqueTek dial get the powder baffle too... after Steve mentioned it I experimented and found that it does keep the consistancy regardless of the amont of powder in the hopper, worth the extra $7 especially if your going to get the dial anyways.
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