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Bringsteen, I applaude your wanting the gas check for your applications, and they would be of benifit, having someone like Lyman or Hornady produce them commercially would be great. If you were to go the Corbin route you could actually set your self up with a bullet die to make partial to fully jacketed bullets. I have thought of doing the jacketed bullets myself, but initial set cost and rising cost of materials seems to hold me back. Casting was just the more cost effective way of getting ammo...especially if SHTF. I may add a 200 grain or even 220 grain to my mould selection in the near future but the Lyman 175 gr TCBB and the Lyman 156 gr Devastator HP are my main arsenal for 10mm/40 cal Cast.

Driving the 200 SWC at those velocities is wild but I prefer to keep things more in line with longevety of the pistol over time and use. I have pushed to 1200 fps with the 200XTP's over Blue Dot and Power Pistol from the S&W 1006 as my defensive loadings and my personal max for this combination. To push the envelope above this could induce unwanted wear and tear on the weapons over the long term. So I continue to do testing and look over new things concerning the 10mm, the 40S&W has sort of kept things centered around the short and weak instead of the perfect 10!

Good luck with what you decide!
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