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Originally Posted by ron59 View Post
I have the Uniquetek Micrometer Powder Measure, and love it too (their powder baffle also). I love this equally with the Redding Micrometer Seating Die.

I'm not exactly convinced that the Uniquetek Micrometer measure returns you *quite* to the exact previous point as does the seating die, but it is dang close.
I agree with you Ron… In my case it appears to be the ogive of the PD 124 FMJ bullets all appear to be just at tad different from bullet to bullet. That and the use of mixed brass make a greatly reduce however still existing slight variance in OAL inevitable. I did do a trial run with some all Federal brass that I have sorted and found the variance tightened quite significantly.

Originally Posted by Bello View Post
hey box what exactly is that lil flashlight set up is it custom?
LOL, no bought it new as is... it's little single LED, with a 3 (AAA) battery pack, the base is magnetic and the flex arm is a coil tube. I it for about $6 at Harbor Freight tools a while back. I laugh cause the name escapes me right now and I was looking at it yesterday and made a note to myself to remember it as I was thinking of getting another to have one for each press but mainly just to have handy as I sometimes take it with me for use elsewhere.
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