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Originally Posted by cfec2008 View Post
well i held a hk usp 45 today, and it felt kinda wierd, but i guess thats just because im used to a g19 and 21. i have held the sigs also and they didnt feel as awkward, but to me the most important thing of all is if it goes boom every time. and ive seen some sand test with the hk on youtube that didnt turn out well for the hk45 compact or usp compact. and no im not going to be dumping sand on my guns. i have looked up sig torture test and have not found such an extreme test on those yet. so i dont really know how they would react. anyone know?
I've seen the YouTube where the dipsh1t buries his P30 in a bucket of sand and then goes on a rant when it malfunctions. WTF did he think it would do? Moron.

Those type vids are just stupid. That has no real world application for 99% of the population outside military operators.
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