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Originally Posted by hokieshooterG23 View Post
I've seen the YouTube where the dipsh1t buries his P30 in a bucket of sand and then goes on a rant when it malfunctions. WTF did he think it would do? Moron.

Those type vids are just stupid. That has no real world application for 99% of the population outside military operators.
lmao...that was halarious hokieshooter... just to be honest. . i like how the sig feels in my hands better.. but i have only helt the hk usp fullsize 45 and that isnt what i wanted anyway so .... theres no freaking way i can spend 900 bucks on a sig when i read the crap that people say about them like well as long as its german or the old sigs were great bla bla. ive got to have the gun that goes bang every time so when i find the hk that fits my hand like a glove i guess ill get it. anyway im about to go nuts over this lol. just dont want to spend close to 1000 bucks and regret it. money aint easy to come by around here.
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