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As a wife of a muli-gun owner, I have to agree with all the advice you have gotten so far. The thing that I cant stress enough is...


Let a trained professional train your wife on guns, control and safety. All you will do if you try to teach her is make her more anti-gun. Also, be patient! My DH told me I would enjoy shooting and needed to learn. He just dropped 5 comments a year for about 8 years. Then my Sis took a class and told me how much fun it was and started bugging me. After a year I agreed to take a class to shut them both up. I hate to put this is writting cause you never know if they will see this or not (LOL) But they were right and I had a ball. Look into classes that are all women and just get information about classes. You could casually mention the class to your neighbor and see if she is interested. Then she can ask your wife if she wants to go with.

Best of luck

A New Glock Owner!!
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