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I have had many events in my life that made me always want to have a concealed carry license for protection. I grew up in a pretty rough neighborhood in the inner city. I remember our house was broken into when I was young, like maybe the 3rd or 4th grade. It was while my mom was dropping us off at school, so it had to have taken place within a 15 minute window. They kicked in the front door and went through what they could looking for goods. They found my mom's purse, some video games, and tried to take the tv but couldn't get the cables out. It's scary to know that it was most likely one of our neighbors that knew our schedule. If it wasn't, I don't know what would have happened had we been home...

I was also robbed several times when I was younger, and almost jumped plenty of times as well. Me and my friend had our phones stolen at gunpoint one night, one of the scariest times of my life. Another time my friends were hanging out (I was supposed to be with them but oddly work took a couple extra hours that night) and robbed at gunpoint by several masked hoodlums that pulled up in a car with a gun. They had their phones, keys, wallets, etc. taken, and it shook me up because I was supposed to be there (it was outside of my house).

Now I finally have the money to be able to afford a gun and practice. I took my CCW class and will be applying for my permit as soon as school slows down enough for me to do so.
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