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Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD Review

A few months ago I got the bug to get into some long range shooting... Mostly because I find shooting at 100yds to be too easy, thus boring, and I finally joined a range out here that goes out past 100yards (550 to be exact).

After I got the bug that led me to the next step. Buying a new stick that would do the job. After countless hours researching on the interenet, getting my paws on some weapons and talking to people at the range that know what they are talking about I narrowed my choice of rifles down to three (sorta). I was pretty set on a heavy profile barrel, .308cal because you can find it anywhere and a 20" bbl. After deciding against the Tikka T3 Scout CTR because of its $800 price and the lack of upgrade options I was left with the Savage 10PC and the Remington 700SPS Tactical AAC SD. The Savage and Remington were both a little cheaper ($700 and $650) so I could put a little more towards glass and had a lot of upgrade potential. The Savage Accutrigger just did not do it for me, plus the trigger display would go off if you hit the display hard enough when it was set low so that was a no go!

So, in the end after wasting much of my life away reading the limited information on the weapons and getting to handle them I decided on the Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD. I went with this model because of the 1 in 10 twist rather then the threaded muzzle but hey those threads may end up with a can on them some day and be worth the extra money! Anyway, on to the important stuff....

Just an overview of that I like and don't like about the rifle.

Built on 700 Short Action so parts and upgrades can be found anywhere!

Factory threaded muzzle for brakes / cans.

20in Barrel makes it easier to carry (hunting) and makes for great balance.

1 in 10 twist will stabilize heavier rounds

* Not so important* The mediocre stock does come in a cool color

No factory Magazine

Houge overmolded stock-too much flex on fore end will touch barrel when on bags / bi pod (can be fixed with dremmel but shouldn't need to do that)

Bolt Handle- could use a larger factory handle.

On the up side all the cons can be fixed with aftermarket upgrades so you're not really out of luck on any of those options.


This t shoots GREAT! I have done 1/2" groups at 100yards with cheap 180gr Remington Core Lokt ammo. This gun is easilly a 1/2 MOA gun out of the box and is probable capible of shooting better then that.

Today at the range while testing my various handloads I put up a .490 group and a .522 group. Both groups were 5 shots with SMK 175gr HPBT. Honestly, I think I could have shot much better but was squeezing the load testing into 15mins before I would get home and face the rath of being late for plans with the wife. Plus, I'm also using a cheap Wally world scope pending shipment of the Vortex Viper PST's so I'm not getting any help from my optics.

All in all if you are looking for a good entry level .308 rifle on a budget i highly recommend the Reminton 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD. Hopefully if anyone was interested in any of these rifles this helps you make a decision instead of spending countless hours over thinking and researching the rifles over and over like I did!
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