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Recently I aquired a supply of brass shot from the H&K MP-5 10mm, they almost all had the case bulge very low on the caseing body, these guns are some what rough on the brass, out of 1350 pieces I found 45 that were split either prior to or after complete sizing,

This complete sizing was done with the LEE Factory Crimp Die(FCD) removing the seater plug and the inner sizing ring I used only the carbide sizer made into the die body, and used the bullet pusher(part of the LEE Bulge Buster Kit) from a LEE bullet sizer kit which fits in place of the shell holder to push lightly lubed cases up and thru this arrangement as a PASS THRU DIE, this completely re sized these cases. They will pass the 10mm Cartridge Case Gauge without any problems.

Anyway the brass is reconditioned now and ready to run the loading process.

BTW I do this with all 40S&W and 10mm Brass I pick up from ranges...Why? Because I demand that I achieve 100% reliability in feeding, function and this adds to uniformity as well!

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