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Originally Posted by waltosha View Post
Hi I have a glock 19 that i would like to have the slide done in a stainless steel type finish but i dont know where to send it and on some of the sights i have seen they what you to strip the slide well my problem is 1 i dont know what there talking about for sure on stripping the slide and 2nd im afraid that if i do it myself ill mess something up. what i would like to do is take the barrel out of the slide then send the slide to you and have you put on a stainless or a dull stainless finish and then send it back to me put together and ready to go back together i know that it will cost extra and i dont mind paying it i just dont wont to pay alot please help tell me how much it will cost anb where to send it thanks

Here is my G23 with Metalife(hard chrome) finish on the slide. The job was done in 3 weeks and I'm very pleased with the result.

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