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Rex Magnum & 180gr copper plated b.

Momentaly only two brands of handgun powders can be bought In Slovenia:
Vihtavuori and Rex ( )
I made some loads with VV N105 and already posted chrono data here on GT.
BUT: I found Rex Magnum gunpowder to be very useful for 10mm loading too.
I took 180gr 10mm copper plated bullets made by LOS ( ), the only manufacturer of bullets here in my country and Rex Magnum gunpowder which is the slowest burning of 5 Rex gunpowders that can be bought here (Rex 0, Rex I, Rex II, Rex III and Rex Magnum). The results are very interesting, especially because of very low price for Rex comparing to Vihtavuori:
1 kg VV = 75 EUR, 1kg Rex = 30 EUR (1EUR=1.4USD)

To make it shorter, here are today's Rex Magnum 10mm data:

- Glock 20 stock barrel
- recoil spring: DPM MS Glock20 3-spring system
- primers: CCI 300 LP
- powder: Rex Magnum
- bullets: LOS copper plated RNFP 180gr -
- brass: Starline (new)
- COAL: 1.260
- temperature: 54 F (12C)

load (grains) average (fps)

At 13gr of Rex Magnum the case is almost full, this gunpowder can be compressed because of it's shape (rounded soft leaves) and still burns ok.
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