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Marking wars

My 3rd gen Glocks, (22, 23 and 27), all have ".40" without the S&W and ".357" , (32, 33), without the "Sig". The scuttlebutt I picked up on at several stores and ranges was that the gunmakers don't want to credit another company on their weapons. It's been that way for a mighty long time. In actuality the ".44 magnum" round is the ".44 Remington Magnum". The ".44 special" is the ".44 Smith and Wesson Special". I may be wrong but I don't think I've ever heard of any other maker even chambering guns in ".45GAP". Of course they may also be listening to .45acp and 10mm fans like one of my partners who like to call the 40, ".40 S hort & W eak".

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