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Originally Posted by Warp View Post
And the reason for this was...?
Different times, different places, different reasons. Shanghai it was limited training time and resources. Israel it was commonality of training across mulltiple platforms. SAS, from what I've been told, was the safety on their Hi-Powers was tough to access. Don't know why the U.S. military did it or the Texas Rangers did it with the 1911, but I suspect it was because that was the way everybody had always done it and the didn't see any need to change what worked. I've got varying reasons myself. I'm fairly knowledgeable, but to expect me to know why each place or person reasoned a particular manner at various times all over the world is a little much, wouldn't you agree? I think the main point is that under a variety of circumstances C3 was tested, accepted, and found to work quite well over an extensive time frame.

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