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Originally Posted by Quail Fat View Post
A lot of the 1st gen Glocks were issued to Law Enforcement Agencies and were up-graded with new trigger bars, fps, firing pins and extractors. They were used and abused by the Police and eventually ended up on the Surplus Markets, which have long since dried up.

I go to gun shows all the time and when I do see a 1st gen they are almost always in fair condition. A few years ago I found a NIB AA*** Glock 17 for selling for $400. Some old man had it, and I would have bought it but at the time I didn't have any money with me. A like new minty Glock 17 gen 1 can sometimes be found on

I happen to own a minty gen 1 that has all it's original components. It has the black serial number plate, all the black guts and does not have the lanyard hole in the grip. I baby this gun and occasionally will take it out of the safe and shoot it at the range.

Unless they are SWAT, etc... or the rare "shooter" police officer, you would be hard pressed to find an well used police gun. Abused? Most of them never come out of the holster. I can't speak to the cleaning aspect of abuse, but our 2nd Gen G22s are rocking fine since '97.

ETA- I have an AH and an AL 1st Gen gun. one was given to me and the other was purchased at a pawn shop about 3 years ago for 300ish.

Both have been upgraded, but I kept the original guts on one of them. The other was done before I got it. I don't baby them, I just have so many Glocks, they never get shot. I think I might get a threaded barrel and suppressor for one of them.

As an aside, I think the first few thousand guns brought in started around the AE AF serial ranges since they were closer to the door when shipping began.
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