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I'll take the heat for trying to make the opposite argument. I carry in condition 3. Early on, I carried with one in the pipe since I didn't want to carry a "brick." It worked fine. As I carried more and more I changed my mind. I have to wear dress pants to work that fit and I often go to many places during a day that do not allow me to carry inside. I found myself holstering and unholstering sometimes 3-4-5 times per day. I am a criminal attorney. I have to dress for work. I go into bad neighborhoods where some people get nervous when they see guns. I meet with prosecutors who get nervous when they see people with guns. I go into office buildings (not posted) where people get nervous when they see guns. Its my reality. I have a G19 at home by the nightstand, not in a holster, that is in condition 3 because it's the only way my wife will allow it in the house. She is not comfortable any other way. I'll leave the possible argument that putting a nightstand gun in a holster or case or safe just loses precious seconds over my setup for another day.

If I carry at all, I have to carry IWB in a pair of pants that fit. My gun is covered by a shirt that must also completely cover the gun. I must tuck my shirt in. Wearing a hard covered holster made the gun print too much. Carrying in a holster that had a retention strap was just one more thing to think about when practicing drawing. I never worried about my gun going off when I sat at a desk or drove a car or anything like that. After much carrying my focus narrowed to drawing in an emergency. I can't carry OWB or with the gun exposed at all. To get at my gun, I have to first untuck my shirt. That's the reality. I found during extensive practice at an outdoor range over many sessions that I was much faster untucking and ripping the gun out of my holster and racking the slide Israeli style than I was with one in the pipe. Trying to imagine how I might feel and react in an emergency, I simply slowed down too much worrying about shooting myself with a round chambered and my shirt tucked in. That's the moment that was of concern to me when deciding which was more advantageous TO ME. With my daytime setup requirement and my nightstand setup, it made more sense TO ME to carry in condition 3. Finding I was faster when I really pushed myself drawing from a holster had the added benefit of making my training consistent for both home and outdoor scenario's.

I also try and practice situational awareness. If I'm in an area in my car that I'm not comfortable, I'll chamber a round and put my G19 in the center console. If its after work and I can wear jeans and carry OWB with a sweatshirt over it, I may chamber a round but I'd hope my training would take over and I'd still rack the slide before shooting. I haven't fired a magazine in 3 years where I didn't start the process by racking the slide unless I'm practicing shooting multiple mags in a row. I'm aware that there MAY be a circumstance where having to rack the slide is a disadvantage but FOR ME Condition 3 was the best way to go. I use snap caps and practice racking the slide using my belt or shoe in case I only have one arm free. I have tried both methods and for me, condition 3 was the way to go.
I notice a lot of your "off-limits" locations revolve around people being uncomfortable at the sight of a gun. Can you wear a suit? It seems that an attorney might be expected to wear a suit, and thus not raise any suspicion since nobody sees a gun.
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