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In my experience with .38 spl brass I have found the following to be helpful:
1: I seperate +P brass from regular and do not flush seat WC bullets in +P brass. Nickel Plated Brass +P seems to be even worse and the case bulges over the bullet unless it's a hollow base WC, and then the bullet distorts.
2: Once Fired brass is seperated by make. After it's reloaded once it becomes "Used Multiple times" brass and although loaded the same way, it's practice brass only. I will sometimes load up a batch of 2x brass for a match where I know I'm not going to recover it.
3: I seperate plated and non-plated brass in my " Used Multiple Times" Buckets
4: I do not reload .38 spl "military" head stamped brass as I find it's thicker and tends to bulge over the loaded bullet.
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